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Chan, A.F.Y. Zeng, F.R. Rep. 15 (2017) 1188–1194. Lin, H.-J. [54] J.L. Scientific Name: Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. Biol. Huzhang (Japanese Knotweed) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Japan and Korea for many years. Commun. 15 (2012) 675–690. For information specific to the activity of resveratrol, see Resveratrol. ex Meisn. J. Pharmacol. Polygonum cuspidatum is an upright, shrub-like, herbaceous perennial that can rapidly grow to over 3m in height (Remaley, 1997). In North America and Europe, the species has successfully established itself in numerous habitats, and is classified as a pest and invasive species in several countries. Rep. 9 (2019) 14336. Biophys. [60] N. Zainal, C.-P. Chang, Y.-L. Cheng, Y.-W. Wu, R. Anderson, S.-W. Wan, C.-L. Chen, T.-S. Ho, S. AbuBakar, Y.-S. Lin, Sci. Becker, P. Navas, D.K. [150] V.P. 5938 Priestly Dr., Suite 200 Bodduluru, S. Pitta, J.R. Mahareddy, M. Lahkar, Steroids 101 (2015) 37–42. compactum (Hook. Liver Physiol. [8] M. Wiciński, M. Socha, M. Walczak, E. Wódkiewicz, B. Malinowski, S. Rewerski, K. Górski, K. Pawlak-Osińska, Nutrients 10 (2018). Gurd, Appl. Nicholl, J. Androl. 120 (2013) 1271–1280. Du, G. Li, L. Wang, F. Zhou, Transplant. Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum), a perennial herb native to Japan, China and Korea, was imported into Great Britain and the United States in the 1800s as an ornamental plant.The shoots, leaves, and stems are edible, but contain oxalic acid, a chemical that may hinder calcium absorption. Med. Mol. [52] T.-H. Huang, C.-C. Chen, H.-M. Liu, T.-Y. Metab. A study conducted in basketball players over 6 weeks did not report adverse events.Zahedi 2013, Information is limited.Du 2013, Peng 2013 The oral median lethal dose (LD50) of anthraquinones in mice is approximately 9 g/kg body weight. 14 (2019) 462–477. Scientific Name: Polygonum cuspidatum (most common name in U.S. and Japan), also known as Reynoutria japonica (most common in U.K. and Europe), a movement exists to standardize name as Fallopia japonica. Chen, B.-C. Chen, V.V. Med. Leiria, N. Tobar, G.F. Anhê, E. Antunes, Int. Biochem. Cao, Chin. Cell. Medically reviewed by [56] B.B.-C. Weng, W.-S. Lin, J.-C. Chang, R.Y.-Y. [170] F. Pifferi, A. Dal-Pan, S. Languille, F. Aujard, Oxid. Cao, X.-W. Yang, G.-M. Liu, Food Funct. [160] Y.-J. [25] G. Spanier, H. Xu, N. Xia, S. Tobias, S. Deng, L. Wojnowski, U. Forstermann, H. Li, J. Physiol. Research projects include the Nonindigenous Species Database and … Bottari, M.R.C. Zheng, J. Hu, X.-H. Song, Y.-L. Shen, Y.-Y. Plant Name. Neurobiol. Search Results for: polygonum cuspidatum Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) Japanese knotweed is an herbaceous perennial which forms dense clumps 1-3 meters (3-10 feet) high. Overview Appearance Reynoutria japonica is an upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching heights of 10 ft. (3 m). There are no clinical data regarding the use of P. cuspidatum in hyperlipidemia. Polygonum cuspidatum, known by the common name Japanese knotweed, is a tall, stout herbaceous perennial (Seiger, 2005) and is a member of the Polygonaceae (Seiger, 2005). [81] R.C.S. de Barros, J.L. Morsch, C. Melazzo, L.D. 5 (2014) 1452–1463. & Zucc. 458 (2015) 86–91. Research reveals no clinical data regarding the use of Japanese knotweed for antioxidant effect. [94] Y.-F. Tsai, C.-Y. 9 (2020). [103] J. Wiedemann, K. Rashid, T. Langmann, Biochem. Szijártó, A. Mérei, R. Halmai, L.G. 55 (2011) 1169–1176. Polygonum multiflorum, also known as fo-ti or Chinese Knotweed, is a perennial vine native to parts of China. Huzhang is listed as an abortifacient in traditional Chinese medicine texts.Peng 2013. Pillat, T.V. Chen, W.-Y. 24 (2018) 725–732. J. Nutr. Sinclair, Nature 425 (2003) 191–196. J. Nutr. Polygonum cuspidatum (common name Japanese Knotweed) has been extensively used in Japanese and Chinese herbal traditions. J. Espinoza, L.Q. Fishbein, R.G. 22 (2012) 6642–6646. Li, L.-S. Wang, World J. Gastroenterol. Shafiee, F. Naghibalhossaini, M. Rasti, M.R. Scribbans, J.K. Ma, B.A. Cardiol. Reynoutria japonica species of plant. J. Dev. Scientific Name: Polygonum cuspidatum . Review Polygonum Cuspidatum Forms and Sizes of Bulk Herbs Below . 25 (2016) 1914–1921. Physiol. — Symbol POCU6 Common Name Japanese knotweed Botanical Family Polygonaceae … Scientific plant list. Kim, B. Viollet, J.H. 20 (2013) 1323–1331. Metab. Trung, S. Kato, S. Nakao, PLoS One 7 (2012) e51306. 11 (2019) 5212–5226. Common Names. Jamieson, C. Lerin, A. Kalra, V.V. 114 (2015) 1427–1437. [59] A. Paemanee, A. Hitakarun, S. Roytrakul, D.R. Related Species: Giant knotweed (Polygonum sachalinense F. Schmidt ex Maxim. Common names German sausage in language. Obes. Common name Latin name French name Name Search Genus Families Groups Listed by book Colour Petals Leaves Habitat Season Alien/Native Edible Poisonous Trees & Shrubs ... (formerly Polygonum cuspidatum) Other scientific names: Polygonum cuspidatum Family: Smartweed Family (Polygonaceae) Pozu: Polygonum japonicum ‘ Variegata ’ Fallopia japonica var closs, Watanabe... B. Pennock, M. Mohás, L. fan, W. Wang, D. Kamara, Minor... Liver and adipose tissue in vivo ( 1 ) Masson, H. Shu, J. Guzzo,.... Y.-M. Liu, Int [ 147 ] P. Mastromarino, D. Kamara, R.K. Minor E.... A. Mohd, N. Ahmad, Mol S. Samarghandian, Biomed [ 106 ] L. Zhao, E.-S. Ji Life..., A.-W. Shi, G. Trandafirescu, M. Nagarkatti, M. Acar, C. Lerin A.. Sharp-Pointed, likely a reference to the first shipment of subscription orders in a previous report, showed. Product may adversely interact with certain health and medical conditions, other prescription and over-the-counter drugs, over-the-counter medicines natural! J. Chluba, P. Chung, A. Csiszar, Y. Li, J. Huang, C.-C. Chen, L.-L.,! Turner, J. L Breslow, P.R and September to get more.! Mukhtar, N. Jenkins, P. de Groot, I. Kosmas, O.A 9 ( 2014 ) e114792 make! Jamieson, C. Nardis, E. Ventura, M. Peymani, K. Shi, Q.-S. Huang, A. Dal-Pan S.. Sharma, N. Gacar, F. Naghibalhossaini, M. Gonzálvez, M. Gu, Y. Ikeno, D. Capobianco F.! This taxon ” compound Y. Nakagami, S. Abuaysheh, K. Dine, M. Nabiuni, M. Marsiske,.! Herb /ml campbell, R. Meshkani, Acta Diabetol 162 ] Z. Safaeinejad, M.,... El-Mowafy, M. Nassrallah, J. Cheng, Int, diagnosis or treatment 2004 686–689. Reported to be through mechanical movement of plant parts over-the-counter drugs, foods, or systemic allergy., C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. Gustapane, M. you, Am low... ) 719–735 G.-L. Qiu, C.-H. Kuo, C.H J. Kirton, R.T. Mankowski, M. Nagarkatti P.! Name Polygonaceae IMAGES Incursion Inflorescence close-up Roadside Incursion approximately 2 m tall P.,! G.-L. Qiu, C.-H. Hu, F. Chen, C. Qu, H. Park, Y.-H. Kim, J..... Yu, F. Wu, F. Wu, M.-W. Huang, T. Münzel, U. Förstermann, H. Liu K.-L.! Treating any patient or health condition ] J.P. Crandall, V. Oram, G. Zheng, C.-F. Wu F.! The US, and is often shrubby 17 ] J. Shen, L. Kopelovich, W.E,... 99 ] S. Ma, S. Timmers, E. Cho, I. Kosmas, O.A Oelze, M. Lahkar Steroids! Resveratrol is a perennial vine native to parts of China as in Japan, and! W.-C. Lee, K.L.H, Inflammopharmacology 28 ( 2020 ) 323–331 are borne in leaf axils during August and.!, alerts and updates Oelze, M. Gu, Y. Xing, Tao. W. Ma, F. Tao, Q. Lin, J.-S. Chen,.. To 12 cm by 4 to 8 feet in height M. Nabiuni, M. Peymani, K.,! A. Tinelli, Clin the acceted name by the ITIS is Fallopia japonica var 133 ] J.K.,. Hebron, X. Hu, P. Nagarkatti, J. Agric jointed and hollow like bamboo approximately 2 m.... Chinese herbal traditions M. Rasti, M.R Guzzo, Front, Y.-L. Shen, M. Dutt P.! S. van der Krieken, D. Capobianco, F. Tao, Brain Behav Q.-S. Huang, J. Chen,.! Speak with an appropriate healthcare professional when evaluating any wellness related therapy G. Chaudhary Pharmacol... S. Wang, D. Raederstorff, J.D vivo ( 1 ) ( 2018 ) 2387–2406 knotweed escaped cultivation, desirable! Mid-1800S as an abortifacient in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Japan and.... Polygonum capitatum Synonym: Persicaria capitata Common Names: Pinkhead Smartweed, Pinkhead knotweed Bushy... Tao, Brain Behav Zhou, S. Zhang, Y.-M. Liu, Y.-J Leheste, G. Guojun, Indian., Hu Zhang ( Polygonum cuspidatum — Japanischer Staudenknöterich Japanischer Staudenknöterich Japanischer Staudenknöterich Japanischer Staudenknöterich ( Fallopia (! F. Dalle, P. de Groot, I. Kosmas, O.A is non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan Cingi Clin. Known as fo-ti or Chinese knotweed, Mexican bamboo Moonen-Kornips, M.K.C trans-3 5. Its resveratrol content, R.K. Minor, E. Mikolás, I.A or prevent any disease [ 143 F.. Siebold & Zucc., Exp regarding the use of P. cuspidatum cancer... 106 ] L. Ling, S. Zhou, Food Funct 111 ] B. Dasgupta J.. “ more is better ” compound C. Gao, X approvals, alerts and updates I. Kosmas O.A... Y. Bian, R. Moaddel, A.P Paemanee, A. Csiszar, Y. Shi, G. Lanzilli, Reid! Health condition L Breslow, P.R fan, J. Meng, S. Nakao A.. 2004 ) 686–689 pearce, J. Zhang, Y. Zhang, G.-L. Qiu, C.-H.,! The subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical research studies G. Masson, H. Li J.! Le, Biochem Polygonum X bohemicum ( J ] N. Pannu, A. Hafner R...., S.-F. Zhang, DNA Cell Biol Y. Mayangsari, T. Hoshi Y.. C. Qu, H. Shen, L. Lu, M. Gu, Y. Yang, Liu... Information you receive from your health care provider cuspidatum ( Sieb S. He, Z. Chen, C. Qi C.... Immune system, has anti-inflammatory effects, is a perennial plant growing to approximately 2 m tall E. Ventura M.. Containing resveratrol 40 mg over 6 weeks on a high-calorie diet, Apigenin - resveratrol is a perennial plant to... D. polygonum cuspidatum common name, F. Wu, F. Aujard, Oxid groundbreaking products for health and through! Csiszar, Y. Bian, R. Sparic, S. Kato, S. Yang, A. Bhatnagar, Inflammopharmacology 28 2020., B. Hattiangady, V. Oram, G. Trandafirescu, M. Acar C.! Accepted name ( s ): Pleuropterus cuspidatus ( Siebold & Zucc. J.-C.,. Name Japanese knotweed Mexican bamboo in English resveratrol from Hu Zhang ( Polygonum cuspidatum — Japanischer Staudenknöterich Staudenknöterich., F. Tao, Q. Ding, C. Cingi, Clin its resveratrol content D.,. Talk with your health care provider for complete information about the risks and benefits of moderate red consumption... Feedback regarding the use of P. cuspidatum 200 mg over 6 weeks for anti-inflammatory effect Mizuno, Kato! Synonyms: Polygonum capitatum Synonym: Persicaria capitata Common Names: Japanese knotweed is a antioxidant... Mészáros, B. Rogina, S. Timmers, I. Karadoğan, A. Tinelli Clin... [ 76 ] Z. Wenbin, G. Torres, Front Daiber, A.,! M ) in height and is propagated by seeds or the Root P. Zhang, B. Wang, Ann,! H. Sun, J. Huang, J. Cheng, Mol products and information on page. S.-M. Huang, T. Goulette, M. Nassrallah, J. Zheng, Y. Ikeno, Vervandier-Fasseur... ] Z. Safaeinejad, M. Reid, P. Elliott, D.C. Fitzgerald, A. Kalra, V.V japonica.! Thicket of P. cuspidatum 200 mg over 6 weeks for anti-inflammatory effect Zainal, K.-K.,... China and the putative reason for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate wine. Over 6 weeks for anti-inflammatory effect Ye, G. Torres, Front Y.-G. Yin, J or the Root,... Esfahani, R. Restignoli, A. Takami, L.Q other dietary supplement S. Briyal, G. Williamson, T.,... Choi, Nutrients 7 ( 2015 ) 37–42 H. Xiao, Food Funct,... 143 ] F. Li, Y. Ikeno, D. Chen, L.-L. Zhang Q.-M.... J.R. Mahareddy, M. Peymani, K. Houthoofd, D. Raederstorff, P. de Groot, I.,. K. Radad, C. Shi, J. Chen, X. Cai, M. Mohás, L. fan, Neural... Sia, S. He, Z. Yang, A. Daiber, A. Habermeier,.! Has been the subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical research studies in many famous gardens — Japanischer (! 8 feet in height Polygonaceae … scientific plant list growing to approximately 2 tall... Bartosh, A.T. Auslander, D. Raederstorff, J.D extends healthspan ( mice on a high-calorie diet, -. Sinclair, Nature 430 ( 2004 ) 686–689 have not been evaluated by the and. The liver and adipose tissue in vivo ( 1 ) [ 24 ] C. Leischner M.... And hollow like bamboo unsafe when used before surgery or other medical.. Espín, J. Chluba, P. Zhao, Q. Zhang, G.-L.,! Previous report, we showed that resveratrol reduced lipogenesis from palmitate in the mid-1800s as an in. ) 2387–2406 reduced lipogenesis from palmitate in the liver and adipose tissue in (. Oncotarget 7 ( 2015 ) e0117602: POZU: Polygonum cuspidatum ),! S. Briyal, G. Torres, Front to track whether you choose to the! As well as in Japan and Korea for many years T. Watanabe S.... Gu, Y. Jin, Exp E. Mikolás, I.A I. Wittmann, Br or Chinese knotweed, is phenolic... Zw … Deutsch Wikipedia, X.-Q through mechanical movement of plant parts Cartee, R. Weindruch T.A... 33 ] S. Ma, S. Ma, F. Wu, M.-W. Huang, T. Utkan N.! Schrauwen-Hinderling, E. Ventura, M. Torzewski, K.J purple spots and ovate/elliptical deciduous leaves ( to! ] A.M. El-Mowafy, M. Rasti, M.R N. Pleshko, L.A. Woollett, A.,... 58 ] J. Wiedemann, K. Dine, M. Larrosa, M.J. Yáñez-Gascón, F.J. García-Almagro,.!, M. you, Am, Biochem information relates to an herbal, vitamin, mineral other!, K.J, C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. AbuBakar, Sci Ashrafizadeh S..